Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Preferred Pharmacy Solutions (PPS) prepare a facility for a seamless transition to their pharmacy services?

A. Sixty (60) days or less before the first day of service, we partner with the facility staff to obtain all critical  medical record documents, collect physician orders and resident face sheets, test interfaces, deliver med carts, and provide emergency E-kits to meet the facility’s unique needs. One week before we begin deliveries, our pharmacy staff provides in-service training on proper use of forms, use of our on-line pharmacy computer system, medication delivery protocols, review of delivery schedule, pharmacy communication and policies and procedure guidelines.

Q. How does PPS ensure there are checks and balances in place to assure timely and accurate medication dispensing?

A. PPS utilizes advanced technology systems that include bar coding, scanners, computerized document storing and a delivery tracking system.

Q. How often and how does PPS deliver medications to their customers?

A. PPS employs its own delivery staff and our employees make timely deliveries to our customers 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We deliver medications three (3) times per day or more if needed at no extra cost. Stat orders are delivered within 2 to 3 hours-guaranteed!

Q. How does PPS handle medication questions and emergencies?

A. We understand that medication questions and emergencies may arise at any time. In an emergency, a pharmacist is available to answer questions and dispense medications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with guaranteed 2 to 3 hour stat deliveries. Facility staff will also have immediate access to a customized supply of emergency medications on site.

Q. How does PPS handle late new admissions?

A. Our staff calls daily to determine new admissions. All medications are filled and delivered within four (4) hours of receipt of admission.

Q. How does PPS keep facility staff abreast of changing technology and regulations and best practices?

A. PPS continually updates our facilities through monthly webinars, consultant pharmacist presentations, and nurse consultant education.

Q. What billing support does PPS provide for its customers?

A. Accurate billing is a major component of customer service for our facilities, their residents, and their families. PPS assigns a dedicated billing specialist to each of our facilities. Our billing specialists are available to resolve billing questions Monday through Friday. They are highly trained in all aspects of insurance and Medicare claims processing.

Q. How does PPS save our facilities money?

A. By utilizing our unique dispensing system, we are often able to preserve your financial resources with a cost savings of 15% to 30%. We provide a utilization review and analysis on a quarterly basis to identify opportunities for savings.

Q. How does PPS ensure all state regulations regarding medications are met?

A. Each of our facilities is assigned to a dedicated consultant pharmacist who visits the facility monthly to ensure all state pharmacy regulations are being met.

Q. How does PPS support facilities in survey readiness?

A. The registered nurse and consultant pharmacist will provide med passes, station inspections, med room/med cart inspections and ongoing regulatory support.

Q. What does PPS provide in the way of ongoing education?

A. PPS provides IV classes on a quarterly basis and I.V. support is offered 24/7. We also provide monthly Webinars with NAB-approved CEUs for administrators and nurses.

Our Goal: Flawless Service

Accuracy, dependability and responsiveness are the mandates by which we operate. Our proven pharmacy processes help our clients deliver not only quality medical care to their patients, but sometimes significant cost savings.

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