What Drives Us: Exceptional Customer Service

Preferred Pharmacy Solutions fills thousands of prescriptions every day in a professional, competent manner. The best standards of practice are observed—and we do this while focusing on preserving our clients' financial resources.

As a Preferred Pharmacy Solutions customer, you will save real dollars with our competitive pricing, insightful consulting services and comprehensive unique dispensing programs. Given the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and new rules and regulations that may await just beyond the horizon, these attributes are vital in your pharmacy services provider.

We take the lead in integrating our systems—which you help design—into a complete solution that addresses the daily needs of your facility as effectively as any pharmacy services solution in the industry today.

You need a committed, fast-acting pharmacy partner who is willing and able to work closely with you to solve the challenges of the long term care industry in the years ahead. With PPS as your provider, you will have the right partnership in place to proceed confidently into the future.

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